Friday, November 7, 2008

This Sounds Great - So, What Does It Mean To Be A Winning Bidder?

By now, you are probably thinking this is the greatest opportunity you've ever come across and are ready to leap into action and bid... that is, once you find out what it means to be a winning bidder.

Being a winning bidder will earn you several perks, the first of which being the obvious - you will have a chance to impact a new business in a way that will impact customers for years to come! There are so few opportunities like this in everyday life, so this is unique and fun for everyone involved.

Additionally, being the winning bidder will entitle you to the prizes listed in the Ebay post. These include getting special rates when you book a room with us, adding one of our packages to your stay for free, or even getting to name one of our suites! Each post details what the different levels of bidding entitle you to.

There is also a possibility that if we reach enough people, we may find ourselves being interviewed for local and national news media. If this were to happen after the bidding process has ended, we would like to include as many of the winning bidders as possible in the segments. We would love to share the love!

Last but not least, each winning bidder will receive one additional special perk - over the course of the next two years, we will be compiling a book about this process and we want you to be in it! Each winning bidder will be featured on his or her own two page spread, with information about the bid, the designs choices, and everything that went on to make the dream a reality. This book will be available for purchase to the general public, as well as to all of our guests at The Boulevard Bed and Breakfast, and we will provide one complimentary copy of the book per winning bid to the winner!!

The rest of the fine print:
For the "You Design It" items, we will be in contact with the winning bidder via email and phone to recieve your winning selections for our suite designs, or if the winning bidder is local, will set up times to meet with the winning bidder to come with us to choose the suite designs. For the "Create the Perfect Package" items, we will be in contact with the winning bidder via email and phone only. We reserve the right to decline the name choice of the suites and packages if they are found to be crude, offensive or otherwise unacceptable, but will make every effort to work with you to choose a more appropriate name.

As we've stated on every page in these blogs, we will be using the money raised by these bids to pay for remodeling on the bed and breakfast property, and to pay for the designs that the winning bidder picks out. If for any reason the deal does not go through, the winning bidder will receive a refund of their money less Ebay and PayPal fees (if applicable). We require that the payment be made via a certified check from the bidder's bank or made via PayPal or Revolution Money Exchange (if you are unfamiliar with this payment site, please click the link at the bottom of the page to learn more. It is similar to PayPal but does not charge transaction fees.) Payment will be required in full within 14 business days of the closing bid.

If we do not receive the entire payment within 14 business days, we reserve the right to relist the Ebay item to find a new winning bidder. However, if you'd just like to make a donation, we ask that you not bid on our Ebay items but rather check out our FAQ's page for the links to donate via PayPal or RME.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy bidding!